After six weeks of workshops, streeter sessions, editing enclaves and snack breaks, the Sound+Story team have finished up their final pieces!  Six teams of two tackled subject matter ranging from moshpits to moving houses and everything in between. Here’s a playlist of what came out!

To celebrate these masterpieces we had a public listening session at The Khyber Centre for the Arts where we invited listeners to come in and grab an earful of what we made (and have a slice of pizza while they were at it:)

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Thanks for coming everybody! And another round of applause for all our participants! Hopefully we’ll hear you again soon!



For our fourth workshop we had the great pleasure of having Erica Butler (host of CKDU’s Habitat) come in and talk to us about how to do a streeter.  She played some great examples from her own show as well as the audio from this funny clip…

She got us thinking about how to pick a good question, make the right kind of approach and have fun! Once we had the basics down we all hit the streets and talked to the people.  Here’s what it looked like –

SoundandStoryStreeters1 SoundandStoryStreeters2 SoundandStoryStreeters3 SoundandStoryStreeters4 SoundandStoryStreeters5 SoundandStoryStreeters6


Last week we had our first interviewing workshop! First we listened to this inspirational piece from on the life of Guglielmo Marconi and his influence on how we think of radio. Then we got to talking about talking, grabbed some mics and talked to eachother.

Here are some clips from our very first interview sessions with each other:


We’re up and running with recorders now! For our second workshop we had the great pleasure of having Gianna Lalonde, Station Coordinator at CKDU come in to talk to us about how to use our Zoom H4n’s.  We also got to play around with some cool mics: binaural, lav and shotgun!

Here’s a recording of Gianna’s recording wisdom:

Also, before we talked to Gianna, we played excerpts from a soundpiece by William Basinksi called Disintegration Loop.  As Brendan explained, Basinski looped a recording from the radio and then left it for many years. When he went to go digitize the recordings in 2001 he found that the ferrite was falling off the plastic backing.  The sound that he digitized recorded the disintegration. The next day he woke up to the events of 9/11 and was inspired to create the following video:

photo (3)
On Tuesday night we opened the doors of the Khyber Centre for the Arts for our first session of the Sound+Story Workshop! Snacks in hand, we had a chance to meet our exciting group of artists, producers, youth and musicians in the third floor turret room high above the Barrington St. traffic.

We started the session by introducing ourselves and talking a bit about our sonic interests, which ranged from whale calls and monk chants to country music and metal.  Then we clammed up and listened to Josh’s Story from the Radio Diaries project.

Radio Diaries is a project run by Joe Richman in New York City where he gives people recorders and helps them tell their own stories.  Here at S+S we’re really inspired by this model and wanted to give a taste of what a diaristic story can sound like. Josh’s story  is intimate, insightful and endearing it sparked a great discussion.  If you want to hear the full piece and get some backstory on how it was made Rob Rosenthal of How Sound did a behind the scenes piece about it that you can hear here.

After our listening session we were lucky to have Writer/Editor Tara Thorne give us an overview of what exactly a story is, and how to tease one out of the world.  Here is a recording of what went down:


Sound and Story is up and running! We’re on the look out for youth and adults who want to explore the power of sound and story! If you’re interested get in touch with us at